Kalan Marshall [Guitar & Vocals]

Mother earth to the deep cosmos, you can find me anywhere there is anything to be found. Harnessing the energy from the universe. Writing guitar riffs and lyrics inspired by life, world events, and the whispers of the wind. I was raised on Blues + Rock & Roll. Which then blossomed into a love of all music genres. Studying the work of masters BB King, Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante & Ben Harper.  I am working towards changing the world through music and making it a better place for everyone.

Sam Harris [Lead Vocals]

I'm a whiskey guy.  Any fashion from rye to bourbon. I improvise all of my lyrics. My inspirations stem from 60's and 70's Rock n' Roll, including The Beatles, The Doors, and Deep Purple. My goal is to create music which describes parts of life from the perspective of someone else. Acting as a mirror; no thoughts are my own, rather they are a reflection of what I have seen in others and other things. Not to be too cathartic, but anything can be interesting if you describe it in an interesting way, which what I try to do through my lyrics.

Derek Gaudreau [Drums]

A spontaneous soul, following and creating the beat of my life. I'm mostly influenced by bands like Mars Volta, The Offspring, and Refused, but I tend not to get hung up on genre. Where there is a rhythm or a sound to groove to, you'll find me dancing or playing along.

Jon Boudreau [Bass Guitar]

Plucked from the rocky shores of eastern Canada and shaped by salt water and rock & roll, I was carried westward, following a distant but ever present rhythm.


The son of a mason with an eye for foundations, I learned to construct them through the bass. Distilled from Classic Rock and Blues, matured in Canadiana, with subtle notes of funk and hints of the 90’s, all brewed in a garage - my style is a bit of everyone’s, yet still mine. My musical tastes cast a wide net, and I believe genuineness trumps genre. I have a particular love for The Tragically Hip, and a sweet spot for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, especially their funkier albums. 


Being a part of music feeds something in me that I apparently need, and I have been lucky enough to find kindred spirits willing to accept my contribution. I keep seeking that distant rhythm. Wherever it leads me I am open to, and grateful for, the experience.